Gem artist Anna Hu is obtained colorful assist into the company artistic vision large award

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Gem artist Anna Hu is obtained colorful assist into the company " artistic vision large award "
In Feburary 2010, new York -- the Hu Yin of Anna Hu(of contemporary gem artist that is famous in international vogue and artistic bound poors) , on Feburary 4 (Zhou Wu) what hold in the city in Manhadu late is colorful assist 2011 year are acquired on grand meeting of the year that take a company " artistic vision large award " . Last year this award bear the palm person the beauty that it is brigade blows up Cai Guojiang of artistic Great Master, and the artist of crackajack foreign citizen of Chinese origin that Anna Hu becomes the first place to obtain this special honour in artistic gem domain this year, at the same time she also is calendar year comes the youngest bear the palm person. The honored guest that attends the evening party that evening includes colorful assist) of Gan Weizhen of Ginny Kamsky(of the trustee that take a company, of Bei Yuming of architect of famous foreign citizen of Chinese origin child Bei Jianzhong (Chien Chung (Didi) Pei) , buddhist nun of president of former United States overcomes loose female Julie Nixon Eisenhower, china is stationed in Peng Keyu of new York consul general's ambassador, and be stationed in the Gao Zhenqun of section chief of agency of culture of economy of new York Taipei's ambassador politics business distinguished personages that comes from all circles of Chinese and Western. They gave Anna Hu the biggest blessing and encourage, period make her design a domain to score greater success in gem art.
Mattress humble and colorful assist into winner of large award of foresight of <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton neverfull gm</a> company predecessor art Cai Guojiang met a few days ago have a detailed discussion prospective collaboration possibility
To this bear the palm, anna Hu expresses modestly: "My artistic creation career is beautiful and of hardships itinerary, just just begin now. Future my general more design of ground of honor permits no turning back gives the contemporary gem work of art that touchs popular feeling. " last year " artistic vision large award " bear the palm person humble of Hu Yin of Cai Guojiang congratulate obtains this special honour, express: "All the time since, gem is considered as a kind to act the role of by people only article. Wassily Kandinsky of abstract Great Master blended in musical spirit his painterly and artistic creation, and the Anna Hu that having distinctive music and artistic background, the jewel that also taking she is glaring extraordinary and artistic ray designed work to walk into artistic now world. The jewel that also taking she is glaring extraordinary and artistic ray designed work to walk into artistic now world..
Mattress humble is accepted colorful assist into company president Gan Weizhen is congratulated, the artistic gem that Gan Weizhen matchs to wear mattress to poor is designed " yellow hill sunrise " necklace
Adorn newest 2011 work " Mo Nai water lily " the Anna Hu of necklace comes on the stage in prize-giving evening party the central point that made the scene. Anna Hu expresses, this money catenary is the masterpiece that her conception achieves 10 years eventually. Anna Hu is when 20 years old at garden of French Mo Nai (Giverny Garden) spent whole summer. The scenery smooth shadow in Mo Nai garden, Chi Pan and water of one pool lake are in her brain the impress that left profundity. Through 10 years brew and conceive, the gem that Anna Hu lends a move in chess or a movement in wushu 10 thousand profusion eventually reproduced the water lily pool in Mo Nai eye, with " gem makes a picture " come greeting of great to this impressionistic Great Master. Gorgeous colour seizes profusion the purpose is lapidary, hang down with irregular clipper-built line fall at the bosom, copy is like the filar towel that a softness brights however, the lotus appear vividly of forceful Yu Li among them. Sunshine gets bouncing move with thick gold, time is conducted like air of Bai Zuan resembling, clever famille rose color explains an impressionistic picture beautifully to make the beauty that smooth shadow flows only, of Mo Nai of impressionistic Great Master gigantic make " water lily " solemn to appear with unique gem art kind. This value the favour that the gem work of 3 million U.S. dollor also gained digital Hollywood female star recently, the watch shows high interest, the hope can award prize in the Oscar by Feburary adorn on celebration, seek hegemony red carpet.
Hand of Cindy Sherman of Great Master <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton artsy mm</a> of world contemporary photography wears humble of exclusive designation introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad mattress to design " too extremely snakelike bracelet of Buddhist monastic discipline "
The gem work of Anna Hu attracts all circles distinguished personages to contend for pursue the matter that hold in both hands, can cite beautiful person auction travel Europe gem ministry is senior a word of chief inspector David Warren, she is his recognition the most crackajack female gem stylist on current world. He ever said: "Anna Hu is beyond question it is the distinctive and rare handsome appearance in group of contemporary gem art, she sends the vigor with disinter gem cheerful itself and creativity time and again, the over and over again makes a classical and perfect artistic jewelry. The over and over again makes a classical and perfect artistic jewelry..
Mattress poors 2011 year are gigantic make " not inside water lily " necklace, by on 10 thousand lapidary composition, value U.S. dollor 3 million yuan
Mattress humble designs solely for Cindy Sherman of contemporary photography Great Master " too extremely snakelike bracelet of Buddhist monastic discipline "Article label: GlassesGloveSunglassesBagToad lens

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