A Ersi connects or Zhou Yi finishs an autograph to make an appointment with street ball king Can become team chief

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A Ersi connects or Zhou Yi finishs an autograph to make an appointment with street ball king: Can become team chief
A Ersi connects attendant edge to watch fight
Before no less than is surpassed, expect, the 12 people name that A Ersi is connected and did not enter wide a tall building is single, he takes whole match on team reserve banquet to watch fight only. Nevertheless, street ball king already regarded him as apparently a of team, teammate wants to notch only in the match he can applause, none physical strength of take pity on beats interest for team.
I am a very comprehensive player, can control the aspect on field, I am OK secondary attack, notch, defend, I can become the chief of team. Aersitong says, I like China very much, to everything here I like very much. My team also very unite, <a href="UR"L>Cheap Air Jordans</a> team member and coach are very friendly.
Although period of time did not play the game, but Aersitong's bodily form maintains very well. My physical ability maintains quite well, because I have all the time in the United States before this,insist to train. Aersitong says, there has been a many month to did not hit antagonism before nevertheless I come to China, after I want to wait for me to restore period of time, it is better that condition is training those who be pleasant to the eye than you.
Francis comes CBA waited for 13 days to leave only, weiersi ever also became passing traveler, to oneself whether get used to CBA, street ball king appears confidence is dye-in-the-wood. I and they are different, I can endeavor to accomplish best, I can accomplish the thing that team asks to me. Aersitong says.
When can just play the game to oneself, street ball king expresses to see the arrangement of the club even, wide last night mansion advocate Shuai Wangfei expresses, aersitong does not play end game for certain, after estimation should arrive. Nevertheless, the reporter understands from wide mansion club, wide today mansion is signed probably with street ball king about, be in basket assist finish register.
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