Du Lan learns tall Dan Yaoming to open diningroom to obtain a government to approve when the boss especially

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Du Lan learns tall Dan Yaoming to open dining-room to obtain a government to approve when the boss especially
Beijing time on October 18, " Koco " report, Kevin - Du Lan is specialBe about to become a boss, this alliance notchs the plans to obtain local government approval of king open dining-room. NBAStar management dining-room is tide, Yao MingWith Michael Er - Jordan represents a person namely, du Lan spy is forward nowadays generation people study marchs formally <a href="UR"L>cheap womens nike shox</a> meal industry.
The Du Lan in the job is especially serious and assiduous, the rich and colorful of life of Du Lan spy besides the job, he sings the performance takes ad busy extremely. This young alliance notchs king it is energetic, his current to oneself life is not contented, the hope can have new change. ThisThunderboltN/COL the head of a family star plans to run a restaurant that belongs to him, he is not is idle dream has paid Zhu Shi carry out however only, the branch that relevant plan reported for duty to be in charge of a city building undertakes examination.
It is reported, this Du Lan's special dining-room will leave in thunderbolt advocate near field, be located in Russian carat Homeric Bulukedu area, cover an area of it is 1000 square metre about, predict to want to throw left and right sides of 700 thousand dollar. Du Lan spy expects to planning this to be full of, he is being accepted open says frankly when interviewing a such dining-room are to comparative of cruel, he cannot refuse.
Du Lan opens dining-room to be not him especially in the imagination successful in that way, the department that responsible the city zone builds rejected this plan at first, be discussed afresh later and local time into the ability after be being revised all right Zhousan is approved formally. Du Lan still needs to obtain dining-room license next especially, can begin construction next.
Retire or active service athlete opens dining-room to be inThe United StatesIt is a kind of tide, according to statistic complete beauty has many 200 dining room probably become a boss by the professional, there is no lack of among them many NBA star. Yao Ming owns Yao restaurant, beefsteak house business of Jordan is quite hot, Kelisi - Wei BaiThe dining-room that holds open in the palm in Sa carat door is likewise deeply welcome. These player person morale are very high, their appeal force is dining room is the biggest sell a site. Du Lan spy is forward nowadays generation people learn, be in Russia with him carat Homeric consequence, if can be managed seriously, is not after putting oneself name on fascia only without any consideration if, restaurant business flourishing still can expect.

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