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V/A - Solar Waves II - Compiled by Natron - Psytrance • Absender: KimVivien, 30.03.2011 17:43

They are powerful and mighty but at the same time also warm and friendly.

Travelling through space, Solar Waves bring the energy of the sun to earth. This is the second chapter of DJ Natron's compilation series contains the perfect sound to be played at dusk or dawn. Powerful and contoured bass lines at 142 to 145 BPM found the basis for dynamic and uplifting atmospheres.

Representing the work of an international artist collective, Solar Waves II receives its positive energy from diverse sources of creativity.
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1 How to Psy Trance / Waio
2 VCA / Tron
3 Tri Tone / Corona and Chabunk
4 Colossus / Chabunk
5 Virus Nightmare / Cosmo Tech and Crystall and Xpiral
6 Shulgin / Sketchy Pimps vs. Touch Tone
7 R2 / Sineriders vs. Materia
8 Day Time / Freakulizer vs. Shove
9 Master Kush / Waio vs. Audio vs. Mack

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